Experience authentic, traditional and historical Ninja and Samurai training in English. Best things to do in Asakusa, Tokyo for Activity, Group, Couple, Solo, Kids, Family, Martial arts, Workout, Rain, Evening, City, Indoor and All seasons. You can watch performance and learn ninja and samurai techniques, spirits and arts, ninja stars, ninja sword, samurai sword, ninja blowgun, various weapons, body operation and meditation with costumes.

The Traditional Ninja and Samurai Experience

Entry level Ninja lesson 45-mins

Ninja meditation 'Kuji-In', Introduction ninja weapons and tools, Introduction gimmick at ninja trick house, Demonstration and training for Ninja sword, Shuriken(Ninja star) training, Ninja blowgun(blow darts) training.
The price is 6,000 yen per person.

Entry level Samurai lesson 45-mins

Learning samurai techniques and spirits with japanese samurai sword. How to use and drew the sword. You can watch and play the samurai performance you learn.
The price is 6,000 yen per person.

Ninja and Samurai lesson 90-mins

Include Entry level Ninja lesson 45-mins and Entry level Samurai lesson 45-mins.
The price is 10,000 yen per person.

Inclusions: Ninja or Samurai clothes rental during training. Hands-on lessons in English.
Notice: The training is group lesson for 1-8 people. If kids(ages 5-14) take the lesson, a adult(parent) MUST join together.

Optional plan: If you need group lesson for 11 or more people, PRIVATE lesson, please ask us.

Mindfulness x martial arts 90-mins

You learn about meditation and martial arts what samurai and ninja do. You also learn total of Japanese traditional martial arts.

The price is 10,000 yen per person.

- Meditation Close your eyes and listen to the sound of bell to sharp sense of hearing. and smell incense to sharp sense of smell.

- Noh Learn to walk in an sharp a sixth sense with wearing Noh mask to block out of the view. Samurai dance Noh before a fight to become nothing and to sharp sixth sense. Learn the relationship between samurai and Noh, and physical movement.

- Sticktype syuriken The weapon called a sticktype syuriken will not hit a target if you are conscious of throwing. Lose your ego and throw unconsciously, the sticktype syuriken would hit the bulls eye. Practicing action without too much thinking.

- Elude the sword Learn techniques to see the whole situation as you look at distant mountains and how to elude the attack of the sword to not the fight.


Lesson is advance booking required. Please book via booking system below.

Booking Ninja 45-mins

Booking Samurai 45-mins

Booking Ninja Samurai 90-mins

Booking Mindfulness Arts 90-mins

Booking Short Ninja lesson

* The payment is cash or credit card on the booking day.
* Please kindly understand: The lesson is group lesson. If kids take the lesson, a adult MUST join together.
* If booking system doesn't work, please send email. booking@ninjadojo.jp

Short Ninja lesson

Shuriken(ninja star) experience
Real metal shuriken: 1,000 yen for 15 throws

Ninja blowgun(blow darts)
Longl blowgun: 1,000 yen for 15 darts

The Ninja Items Store and Dressing

Ninja arms, various shurikens, ninja sword, samurai sword, ninja clothing and other items.

Shurikens (Ninja stars)
500 yen to 1,000 yen

Ninja sword and Samurai sword
from 12,000 yen

We service for your satisfaction by "wonderful ",
"professional shooting" and "your wish".
The professinal stylist and photographer will service you With OMOTENASHI
- the hospitality of Japanese spirit- for your amazing experience.

We provide 4 types of shooting studios, from Oiran shooting plan to other plans.We guarantee what you are going to have fabulous experience

Dressing and shooting
- Oiran plan from 25,000 yen
- Samurai plan 19,440 yen
- Kimono plan 27,000 yen
- Kimono promenade plan from 6,480 yen


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Closed: irregularly
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